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July 2017: Salty Ice Night @ Termaria

The salty night

#La Noche Salada is the new monthly activity in Talaso. A different leisure activity, at night, for those over 16 who want to spend a different and surprising time in Talaso. With DJ Luicci & Vega, lights and special effects, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, raffles and many surprises. We wait for you the first Saturday of each month, at 9:30 p.m. at 01'30h. You only need to come with a swimsuit, hat, flip-flops, towel, want to have fun and if possible, have dinner before to come with strength J.

Be attentive to the communications because the theme and much more, each month will be different. Price from € 5. Dare and we will surprise you!

Additional features:
If later you want to see yourself in the photos we take, give us your email at the time of registration or when you come to the party.

More information at

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